About Us

We offers an Online Rent Agreement Service / Leave and Licence Agreement / Register Rent Agreement, Shop act License, Fssai and GST Registration etc. all of which are delivered to your doorstep. All procedures are completed quickly, stress-free, and without difficulty. We're here to save your time and money when it comes to get legal documents from government. Documents shouldn't be this difficult, and you shouldn't have to pay a middle man for anything as simple as a contract.

We will visit at your doorstep

Our team of well trained executives will visit your door to assist you with the drafting and registration of Rental Agreements, Leave & Licence Agreements, and Property Registration in order to fulfil all aspects of the rental solution, without any broker involvement, to save your time and money.

Fill in the necessary Details Online

Either the owner or the tenant fills out the appropriate information to get the leave and licence agreement.

Easy Delivery of Agreement

We'll send you a registered document once it's been received by the government within a certain period of time.